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Alissa Andraski


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American and Polish Mezzo-Soprano Alissa Andraski began singing at the age of three. Her father played tenor saxophone and her mother the piano. Alissa started formal training at age ten and left home to attend Interlochen Arts Academy. Alissa has spent her life in Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, and the United States. Ms. Andraski holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Classical Vocal Performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, a Performance Diploma from Florence University of the Arts, and a Language and Translation Diploma through the University of Munich.

Alissa is an avid traveller and loves immersing herself in new cultures and languages, which plays a large factor in her love of classical music and opera. While living in Europe and Australia, she travelled to nearly every country nearby. She is fluent in English, Italian, and German.

As a member of the Young Artist program in Melbourne Opera (2014-16) seasons, she was a finalist in the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic’s Aria Competition and the recipient of the Melbourne Opera Studio’s International Fellowship. In 2015, Alissa was awarded the Melbourne Opera Studio’s Van Straten-Turley Family Foundation Fellowship.

Ms. Andraski is currently based in Chicago because she is a foodie and the city is known for its amazing restaurants (and it also has an international airport), she has performed with local companies including Chicago Opera Theater and Sugar Creek Opera.

Alissa has a particular affinity for Baroque music. She is most at home with Handel, Vivaldi, Monteverdi and the like, but enjoys Rossini and Mozart, in addition to new contemporary works.

When not singing, Alissa can be found on a pilates reformer or at the dog park with her goldendoodle. She loves adventures, nature excursions, and has an insatiable curiosity. Alissa is on the voice and piano faculty at the Chicago School of Music. Additionally, her voice is frequently heard in voice-over and commercial work both nationally and internationally.